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The Heatex Select free calculation software can compute the performance of our ventilation products under various conditions.

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Heatex Select

Heatex Select is an easy to use web application which gives complete and clear information including:

  • performance data
  • energy saving calculation
  • mollier diagram
  • engineering specifications
  • and more

All heat transfer and pressure drop calculations are done with the actual heat exchanger geometry and based on correlation from scientifically well renowned sources such as VDI Warmeatlas and International Hand Book of Heat Exchanger Design. This means that the calculations are made in accordance with the European norm EN 308 and its sub documents.

Applications with uneven air velocity or temperatures over the heat exchanger may effect calculated efficiency and are to be evaluated at given occasions. In case of uncertainty, do contact Heatex AB for a correct evaluation of the specific product.

Custom software

We also develop custom software when supporting partners and clients. For example:

  • Calculating adiabatic cooling
  • Production of performance diagrams
  • Optimising combination heat exchanger contra fan
  • High temperature high humidity heat transfer
  • Condensation and water separation
  • High humidity heat transfer
  • Electronic cooling

Contact us at info@heatex.com for information about advanced calculation.

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